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For the songs 'Moby, Heartbreaker & Mercury Vapor Stain', Eric and Ed both used a historic '60 reissue with a vintage T-top pickup in the bridge position.

The amp is the Custom Royal JPP100 and the cabinets used were two original basketweaves with G12H30 speakers and no attenuator. Excellent drumming by Mike Parsons and solid bass lines by Michael Turner.....

'Mercury Vapor Stain' is one of Eric's original compositions. For that file, he set the tone controls of the amp for more of a mid 70s Zeppelin tone.

Depending on amp settings and whether you use PAF type pickups or T-tops, a wide range of tones can be achieved.... for these files we used a T-top equipped guitar.

New Clips!

Eric used his historic '60 on the clips 'Scent of New Mown Hay' and 'Witch in the Light (live)'. The MSG100 was used on these two tracks .

The amp is based on JP's 1973 live tone and uses KT88s in a modded circuit. 'Highway' was also cut with the historic '60 but features a JPP100 amp populated with NOS parts, caps, and resistors. Two 4x12 pre-rola speaker cabs were used with G12H30s.

No attenuation. All tracks recorded to tape.


A White Noise Generator CD The Memory Man.

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