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Due to the impact from COVID and current sanctions, time for delivery after receipt of down payment can take up to a year. This is due to the scarcity of parts and materials. In addition, prices have changed to reflect our cost of manufacturing.

  • Royal MSG 100/KT88: $3799 
  • Royal MSG 50/KT88: $3299 
  • Royal JPP100 $3899 
  • Royal JPP50 $3499
  • '67-'69 era stock 'Plexi': $3399 / 50w $3199
  • Royal Hindenberg 15No Longer Offered
  • 4x12 Royal Cab: $1799 (plexi era style, basketweave grill cloth, Mojotone G12H30 type 16ohm speakers). $75 upcharge for custom colors.
    Suggested for use with all amp models.

Delivery time can take up to a year following clearance of a non-refundable deposit.

Custom options and vintage upgrades:

  • * PPIMV (post phase inverter master volume) is available on MSG models only. Get drive and gain at any volume level! $200

  • Chassis aging (relic style) $50.00

  • NOS rare vintage period correct carbon film resistors as used in the originals. NOS resistors will come in a mix of Phier & Iskra like the original manufacturers would often do. These resistors will not be used in the power supply section.

  • Vintage style Phenolic component boards
  • Philips Mullard 'Mustard' capacitors
  • Vintage Tube sockets
  • Vintage Bulgin AC Plug
  • Vintage RS & Lemco mixer and treble caps (MSG models)
  • Vintage RS & Lemco 220pf cap (JPP model)
  • Vintage Bulgin fuse holders (all models)
  • TOCOS mil-spec pots: $125 (all model amps)
  • F&T capacitor upgrade: $50 (all models)
  • Custom footswitch with XLR for JPP 50 & 100 amps: $75

MSGAmp repairs, restorations and mods are $45.00 per hour. We do offer conversions to existing amps. Service for Echoplex tape machines is also available.

Insured shipping in continental US:

Heads: $175, 4x12 Cabs: $250, Small Combos: $100, Larger Combos:$125-$200, Rack Gear $50

(Fed-ex ground is our preferred carrier. Please contact for international shipping prices.)

Road cases are an option (amp heads only). This adds some additional cost (weight). We feel this is a secure method to mitigate potential damage that is often caused by careless handling by carriers. You will be provided a return label (pre-paid by the buyer, typically 40-50$) that will be found inside the road case. A $250 deposit is required for the use of the road case which will be returned once the case is back in our possession. 

We accept Paypal (standard Paypal use fee is 3%, NO FEE for personal payment via Paypal), cashiers checks, money orders, personal checks (3 weeks to clear) and bank wire transfers. For international payments we do not accept Paypal.


Terms & Conditions' - Do not attempt to service these amps, this includes installing tubes or biasing! Lethal voltages are present. Amps ship without power tubes installed. Upon delivery a certified tech must install and bias your amp. Amps with vintage parts upgrades are for "display purposes only". VINTAGE PARTS ARE NOT COVERED UNDER ANY WARRANTY. WE DO NOT WARRANTY NEW OR NOS TUBES. Royal Audio & Visual LLC warrants our new products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. Our warranty is subject to the following terms. For a warranty repair you will need to provide the original receipts of purchase and proof of tube installation and biasing by a certified tech. You must return the product (all tubes and accessories) in packaging equal to how you received the product from Royal Amps. Our warranty will not cover damage due to user error, cosmetic damage, improper setup, mods, or repair by other techs or acts of God. Return shipping cost to Royal Amps is the responsibility of the buyer. Royal Amp Co. is not responsible for any loss or shipping damage caused by carriers. Hearing protection must be used for volumes above safe levels (85 DB). Shipping damage claims must be initiated by buyer. We do not ship outside of the continental USA. Overseas payments must be made via bank wire transfer or cashier’s check. You must confirm that you have read the terms and conditions and agree in writing before your product ships.

*Prices subject to change.

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