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Each Royal amp is hand-built, point to point construction with a tag or turret board layout using quality components. Every effort is made to replicate vintage construction. From the vintage-style boards to the lead dress and lacing cord, these amplifiers are built to last.

  • Custom Royal 'JPP100': 100 watt, EL34, 12AX7 tubes. 4/8/16 ohm taps. Grounded AC operation. Reverse-engineered transformers. Royal custom choke. Custom filtering. Volume cut 'balance control' allowing for pre-set volume engaged via the custom footswitch.

  • Custom Royal 'JPP50': Same as above less two EL34s.

UPDATED CIRCUIT: The original prototype was created in 2007 and has had its circuit updated since then. The basic design of the amp is unchanged but modifications have been made to some component values, etc. The original Hiwatt amp that the prototype was based on had been modified through the years and care was needed to be taken to use the correct components. Based on Royal amp buyers' own experiments and careful studying of many other vintage Hiwatts, tweaks were made to the JPP line to bring it even closer to the originals.

  • MSG100: 100 watt, KT88, ECC83 tubes, 4/8/16 ohm taps. Grounded AC operation.

  • MSG50: 50 watt, same as above less two KT88s and different transformers.
  • HINDENBERG 15: Rather than the more common 2x10 setup, the Hindenberg uses one 12" Jensen Special Design C12R and single baffle. Carbon composition resistors are used as well as a vintage paxolin turret boards. Military spec style wiring and lead dress is standard.

    Original spec 6973 tubes are used in the historically rated 24w power section which more accurately puts out about 15 watts. The transformers are wound by the same manufacturer who produced the originals found in the Supro amps. These transformers continue to have the same look and dimensional specs. The chassis is constructed from laser-cut CRCQ steel.  Our 1624T's finger-jointed pine cabinet features white Hiwatt style Tolex and Marshall style basketweave grillcloth for a killer look!

  • Plexi Replicas 1967-69: 100w, 50w models

*Specs subject to change. Amps with NOS parts are not up to modern electrical standards and are for display purposes only.
DANGER: High voltages are present. Servicing should be performed by a qualified tech.

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